The Frederique Constant Foundation supports several charities around the world which strives to make lives of children better. We mainly support heart and child related charities.
In 2015 we have started to support Heart Beat South Africa. We believe that education is key in improving lives of children.
We sponsoring 5 girls to follow the Young Hearts Leadership Programme, an innovative approach combining technology, mentoring, skills and entrepreneurship development and education.

Heartbeat has developed a footprint in seven provinces and fourteen communities over 15 years. It reaches into all provinces through its accredited training and mentorship programme. To date, Heartbeat has met the immediate and developmental needs of over 55,000 orphans and vulnerable children. These children all have access to education and nutrition, receive assistance with homework support, are supported emotionally, culturally and spiritually by the community and receive care from trained childcare workers and staff. Many of these young people are either studying at tertiary institutions as a result of the Heart Beat programs or are currently employed, some of them with Heartbeat.

Heartbeat has adopted an approach to facilitate the development of young leaders in the communities to be change agents in and beyond their own communities. In addition to developing young leaders, Heartbeat remains committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of their communities, namely orphaned and vulnerable children. In order to realise the objectives, Heartbeat leverages technology as a key enabler both in providing improved visibility for management and oversight (monitoring and evaluation) but also to establish a channel for engagement with communities through young leaders. This channel provides the interface for continued education, mentorship and social networking. Furthermore, the technologies that Heartbeat deploys provide a mechanism for revenue generation and micro-enterprise.
In order to realise its mission, Heartbeat delivers several programmes of services to communities in South Africa

Frederique Constant has chosen to sponsor 5 girls to follow “The Young Hearts Leadership and Education Program” The Heart Beat organisation selects and nurture future leaders from within the communities.

Heartbeat was founded in 2000 by Professor Sunette Pienaar in response to the socio economic impact of HIV/AIDS on communities in South Africa. Her vision was to provide care, support and opportunities to the many children orphaned mainly as a result of the epidemic with the aim of integrating them into society and the economy.